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nScreenNoise – Industry says cord cutting overblown, while TV pillars erode

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A cabal of TV industry insiders gathered at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen and agreed that all the talk about cord cutting is overblown. While this may be true, new data illustrates how the pillars upon which the traditional TV industry stands are being eroded.

Hub Entertainment Research looked at where consumers go first when they want to watch TV. On average, most people turn to live television first, but in some age groups that is no longer so.
For the young, the web has supplanted live television as the first place they turn to watch TV and in the length of time they watch.

GfK looked specifically at those with a connected TV and kids in the home. They found most of this group watch online TV and many do not have pay television.

Chapter 1: Comcast Q2 Results (0:30)
Chapter 2: Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference (0:50)
Chapter 3: “First look” resource for television (2:00)
Chapter 4: Connected TV households and online video (3:45)


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