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ScreenNoise – 5 steps to video success in India

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India is YouTube’s biggest and fastest-growing market. However, being successful, there is fraught with challenges. Here are five things you should do to get ahead of the crowd..

How fast the Indian Digital Market is growing (0:35)

India added 100 million new internet users this year. Each user spends almost 8 hours a day using the internet despite slow connection speeds. Most of these people are watching video and YouTube is a primary source of content. As well, social media accounts grew by 24%.

Step #1 Get into the market now (3:00)

India has a fast growing market and there is little competition. More and more people are figuring out how lucrative it is. Getting in sooner and learning the market will raise your chances of success.

Step #2 Have locally driven content and strategy (3:25)

Many companies have tried to utilize internationally popular content in India but it hasn’t worked. India is a subcontinent made of a diverse range of cultures and languages. In order to be successful you will need to know the area well. Working with a local creator or Multi Channel Network can help with this.

Step #3 Make prices cheap, free is best (4:13)

Subscription based brands such as Netflix have had a lot of trouble breaking into India’s market. The more successful companies, like iFlix and YouTube, deliver content that is free supported by ads. Indians are more likely to watch a video that is free with ads than one that is paid and ad-free.

Step #4 Make it for the mobile phone (5:06)

Most internet users in India use their smartphone to access the web. Very few have smart televisions, or computers.

Step #5 Make it available at slow connection speeds (5:36)

Connection speeds in India are slow, so making videos available at lower bit rates is imperative. YouTube and iFlix have been very effective at doing this.


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