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nScreenNoise – 3 announcements boost free ad-supported TV expansion

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2019 was a breakout year for free ad-supported TV (FAST) online. This year looks set to continue the trend with three new announcements sure to accelerate the expansion of the market.

Viewster on smart TVs (1:05)

Cinedigm’s FAST service Viewster is coming to smart TVs worldwide in a new agreement with Foxxum. The deal will see the Viewster app appear on many of the most popular smart TV brands. It will also give Viewster a global footprint.

CBS All Access – House of Brands (2:13)

In 2016, I speculated that CBS All Access could expand to become vMVPD and compete with the likes of Sling TV. This week ViacomCBS has decided to go even further, with a dramatic expansion of the purview of its already success CBS All Access.

Redbox fights DVD rental crash with free streaming (4:18)

In the face of the collapsing DVD rental market, Redbox continues to try to reestablish the company as a digital media powerhouse. In 2017, it launched a digital movie store. Now it is adding free ad-supported content with the help Xumo.

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