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nScreenNoise: Fox and a la carte, Xbox One/PS4, UK pay-TV too pricey?

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Chase Carey, Fox’ chief operating office, had lots to say about buying pay-TV “a la carte” and TV-Everywhere this week, unfortunately mostly negative. Meanwhile, Fox is pressing ahead with TV-E, delivering a version of FoxNow for Xbox One allowing full episode playback. XBox One and PS4 sales seem to be going well; now might be time to jump on board. OfCom, the UK regulatory agency, thinks pay-TV subscribers are paying more than U.S. pay-TV customers. This seems rather a dubious claim to me.
As always, this video is interactive. So, feel free to click on icons and pictures to get more information about the topics I’m talking about. This feature is sponsored by Coincident.tv.
Time: 5.10


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