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nScreenNoise – Four data points that define linear TV today

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Linear TV is proving resilient in the age of streaming. However, US consumers are changing how they choose to watch it. I call out for data points that illustrate how the sources of linear TV we opt use are changing.

Chapter 1: 3.8 million – pay TV household decline ()

The state of cable, satellite, and telcoTV subscriptions at the end of 2018.

Chapter 2: 33 million – pay TV-free households (time)

How pay TV-free homes grew 6 million in one year.

Chapter 3: 9 million – vMVPD subscribers *time)

vMVPD services continue to grow but all is not smooth sailing.

Chapter 4: 16 million – over-the-air homes (time)

The number of homes using an over-the-air antenna to watch TV is growing. However, OTA is not the only service they use.


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