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In this conversation with Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow, he explains the problem with Facebook monetization. He also describes his company’s approach to fixing it.

Chapter 1: About Socialflow (0:30)

SocialFlow is a social marketing platform. It is used by many major media companies to get their message out to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.  Mr. Anderson says the company powers tens-of-millions of posts that generate a trillion in annual reach and more than 1 billion clicks per month.

Chapter 2: The problem with making money on Facebook (1:00)

Facebook has created a model that delivers ten ads per day to all the users of the social platform. However, Facebook keeps all the revenue generated by those ads. High-quality media produces that publish a great deal of content on the platform make no revenue from the views that they are driving. Some of SocialFlow’s clients publish as much as 100,000 posts a month on social networks. Though Facebook profits by showing ads against that content, publishers receive none of that revenue.

Chapter 3: How SocialFlow fixes the problem for publishers (2:00)

Companies like Bloomberg, Time Inc., and Conde Nast use SocialFlow’s AttentionStream. The product allows the content providers to sell sponsorship of their resonant, brand-safe content. The social sponsorship product allows advertisers to identify the highest quality editorial content in certain categories and put their brands next to it.

Chapter 4: How AttentionStream works (3:00)

SocialFlow sees all the content before it is placed on Facebook. The company ranks and prioritizes the content based on its predicted success. Once published, the company monitors the popularity of the content. It then provides this information to the content providers to enable the sale of advertising around the highest performing videos. In other words, AttentionStream can deliver brand-safety and timeliness, two essential components of the advertising sale.

Chapter 5: A direct relationship with the advertiser (4:25)

SocialFlow’s business is to enable better advertiser relationships for the sales teams within the media companies. SocialFlow provides the information that media companies need so that they can have meaningful conversations with the advertisers.

Chapter 6: What’s on the horizon for 2018 (5:10)

Mr. Anderson says the company has proven the technology and the sales and support model. It is now a question of scaling it up. How can we automate the process?


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