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As most people stay home and have more time to watch TV, networks have nothing new to fill the gap in empty TV sports schedules. Moreover, that leaves their audience vulnerable to Netflix, as it continues to drop new content. But has Fox Sports found a way to fight back?

Chapter 1: Sports broadcasters reeling (0:24)

It’s hard to imagine a broadcast genre that has been hit as hard and so quickly as live sports. Sports broadcasters are scrambling to fill gap live sports. Many are falling back on reruns of live games, and talking heads discussing news of the top teams and stars.

Chapter 2: 9-in-10 staying home more, watching more (1:00)

According to new survey data from Hub Entertainment Research, most Americans are staying home a lot more than usual. They are filling their time by watching more on television.

Chapter 3: Netflix ready with new shows (2:16)

At a time when many would opt to fill their extra at-home time with live sports, sports broadcasters have nothing to offer. However, online TV providers do have new content and may attract bored sports viewers starved of new content.

Chapter 4: Fox Sports tries eNASCAR iRacing (2:55)

Some aren’t standing still. Fox experimented with eNASCAR iRacing on Sunday, March 22. The event was a big success, breaking viewership records for the broadcaster. Fox has decided to air the rest of the iRacing season.

Chapter 5: Experiment with new live, expect lower ad revenue (4:05)

Advertising rates are falling as businesses crippled by Coronavirus shutdowns are pulling back on TV ad spending. Even so, sports broadcasters are better off experimenting with new types of live content than sticking with reruns of old games. It is a far better way to fill the gap in empty TV sports schedules.

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