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Are you tired of high CDN rates, big latency issues for live events, and managing all those file versions of your videos you need for streaming? In this interview with Eluvio’s Michelle Munson recorded at IBC 2019, she says she has the cure for all these problems and more.

Chapter 1: About Eluvio (1:00)

Eluvio introduced The Content Fabric at IBC 2019. It is a new software overlay network for video distribution. It is built to fix some of the limitations of video distribution

Chapter 2: Single copy video distribution (2:20)

A video must be encoded into many different formats and bitrates if it is to reach the maximum number of people over the Internet. In traditional video delivery, many different versions of the video are created to achieve maximum distribution. Ms. Munson says that with The Content Fabric the video provider need only provide a single high-quality version of the video. The network takes care of creating any derivative formats needed.

Chapter 3: Blockchain built-in (3:33)

Though it is best known for its applications to cryptocurrency, blockchain is also beneficial for highly scalable distributed data applications. The Content Fabric has blockchain data protocols built-in allowing it to track versions of the content it is managing and transactions involving it.

Chapter 4: ML and latency (4:38)

Latency, the delay of a video stream behind the live-action, is one of the most challenging problems facing the live streaming industry. Ms. Munson says that Eluvio uses machine learning (ML) to help eliminate latency in the network. ML is a critical component in many functions, including the complex task of routing video client requests.

Ms. Munson says that ML and other innovations in The Content Fabric allow on-demand content to be delivered with just a few milliseconds latency. Live content will be delivered within five seconds.


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