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nScreenNoise – Denmark wants Disney+ too!

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The Nordic region has been aggressively migrating from traditional television to online TV. Services such as Netflix and HBO Nordic have enjoyed great success. However, people want more and are ready to sign up for Disney+ right now.

This interview with Julie Nygaard, Head of Media and Partner at analyst firm Wilke was recorded at the Future TV Conference in Copenhagen on May 8th. nScreenMedia interviewed Ms. Nygaard at last year’s show and since then there has been enormous growth in cord-cutting in the country. We discuss how people’s personal TV packages are evolving and at new data on how many people want Disney+.

Chapter 1: State of the Danish TV market (0:30)

Denmark has a population of 5.8 million. Ms. Nygaard says that 1 million people (17%) have cut-the-cord in the last year.

Chapter 2: Personal TV packages (2:00)

Ms. Nygaard breaks down the viewing population into three groups:

  • Only watch public services
  • Combine public services with SVOD
  • Only watch SVOD services

She gives a break down of how many are in each group.

Chapter 3: Interest in Disney+ in Denmark (3:40)

Disney has not set a price or release date for Denmark. Notwithstanding, people’s interest are very high and entertainment giant should consider starting Disney+ international rollout in Denmark. 19% expect to subscribe to the service when it arrives, and more than a third of them are willing to give up another service to get it.


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