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AT&T has another video service joining the AT&T TV family. DirecTV NOW becomes AT&T TV Now. It also looks like a bunch more video services could be joining the family too. Will AT&T’s customers be able to figure out which one is best for them?

Chapter 1: AT&T’s confusing name changes (0:20)

AT&T now has three services with the corporate branded name: AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, and AT&T WatchTV. The naming strategy must be very confusing for AT&T customers.

Chapter 2: Direct TV, HBO survive the name change (2:40)

DirecTV is not getting a name change. It retains its position as the Cadillac video service at AT&T and keeps its Cadillac pricing.

HBO Now also retains its name, for now. What will happen to it once HBO Max arrives next year is anyone’s guess.

Jeff Baumgartner at Light Reading suggested a better name for AT&T TV is DirecTV Stream. I agree. Why is AT&T running away from such a great brand?

Chapter 3: Confusion will reign for a while (4:50)

AT&T is looking to get out from under a mountain of debt after buying Time Warner. To do it, the company will go after any defined market in which it thinks it can make money. That means we should expect more services to join the AT&T TV family.

The only question is, how a consumer figures out the right one for them?


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