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At TV Connect 2016 I discuss the Chinese OTT video market with Jinshan Liu, CTO Group, ZTE. He dispels myths about the market, including that the Chinese don’t pay for video.

In this fascinating discussion with Mr. Liu, he gives an overview of the Chinese video market. Though China is the biggest pay TV market, with 240M cable TV and 50M IPTV subscribers, OTT video is almost twice as large. Of the 500M online video users, 80 percent are using mobile to consume the media. As well, 17 percent actually pay for the videos they are viewing.

Flat panel demand in China

China is also the biggest market for ultra HD TVs. Almost half of sales this year will be 4K TVs. Mr. Liu says the country also working hard to make sure there is plenty of content to watch as well. OVPs seeded the market with on-demand video at 4K resolution and are now moving on to live sports and other events in 4K.

Chapter 1: About ZTE (0:20)

Chapter 2: The Chinese pay TV market (1:30)

Chapter 3: The OTT video market (2:00)

Chapter 4: The big Chinese online video providers (3:20)

Chapter 5: Ultra HD in China (5:25)

Chapter 6: Where 4K content comes from (6:50)



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