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Miso Films has produced two very successful shows in association with Netflix. In this interview with the producer of the shows, he explains what its like creating content for Netflix from the creative and financial perspectives.

Christian Potalivo is a producer with Miso Film, a Danish film and television show production house. He was the producer for two successful Netflix productions. In this interview from the Copenhagen Future TV conference in May 2019, he provides insight into what it is like partnering with Netflix on content creation.

Chapter 1: About Miso Film (0:20)

Miso Film is a Danish producer of TV shows and feature films with operations in Denmark and Sweden. It has created shows such as 1864, Those Who Kill, The Rain, and Warrior. The Rain and Warrior were both produced in association with Netflix. However, the models followed for the collaboration were different in each case.

Chapter 2: The Rain – A Netflix Original series (0:50)

The Rain was produced exclusively for Netflix by Miso Film. Mr. Potalivo describes how the collaboration worked with Netflix from the perspective of the creative and the financing.

He says that there is no risk that the producer will lose money because Netflix and the producer agree on the financing up front. Neither will Miso Film make any more money if the show is a big success. The approach is very different from the traditional Hollywood model where the many failures lose a lot of money, and the few successes make people rich.

The Rain was one of the first productions to be green-lit by Netflix. Mr. Potalivo says Netflix is a very hands-on creative partner, although the creative team remains in complete control of the production and the product. He talks about the role of Netflix’ vaunted data approach to content creation.

Chapter 3: Warrior –TV2/Netflix co-production (5:20)

Warrior was a co-production between Miso Film, Denmark broadcaster TV2, and Netflix. Mr. Potalivo says that without Netflix’s financial support, the show couldn’t have been made. He describes the innovative release model that TV2 and Netflix followed that gave each exclusive delivery rights. He also gives insight into the creative relationship between three companies.


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