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nScreenNoise – Converting new C-19 viewers into loyal customers

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Shelter-in-place viewers are proving to be a bonanza for online TV providers. However, getting people past their first payment is only the beginning. Converting them to loyal customers is the challenge.

In this interview with Ian Blaine, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Wicket Labs, he lays out the lessons learned from shelter-in-place viewing. He also discusses how to leverage this knowledge to improve online video service performance in the future.

Chapter 1: About Wicket Labs (0:46)

Wicket Labs taps into data from many of the sub-systems that SVOD providers use to run their business. It uses the data to create actionable audience insights. Wicket Labs counts direct-to-consumer TV services such as Acorn TV, Noggin, and Up Faith and Family among its customers.

Chapter 2: What Wicket Labs has learned about crisis video consumption (1:14)

Ian Blaine Wicket LabsMr. Blaine explains some of the behaviors he sees stemming from the shelter-in-place orders that are different from usual. For example, more people are trialing services, and, surprisingly, the conversion rate to paying customers is higher than ever before.

Chapter 3:  Why high conversion rates are not enough (2:35)

High conversion rates among shelter-in-place viewers are great, but according to Mr. Blaine, other events in the customer relationship are at least as important.

Chapter 4: How to hang on to new customers (3:50)

One of the most critical pieces of information about a customer is why they came to the service in the first place. It is the starting point for building a long-term relationship. Such information helps a service provider realize the full value of their content library in retaining customers over the long haul. Mr. Blaine explains how to identify hidden gems in the library and exploit them to their best advantage.

Chapter 5: Modifying SVOD strategy based on C-19 viewing patterns (6:20)

Mr. Blaine explains how groups within a direct-to-consumer service can leverage data. For example:

  • Marketers can identify and target groups that deliver the best lifetime value
  • Content programmers can boost engagement by moving customers seamlessly from one movie or TV series to another.

You can learn more about CLV, hidden video gems, and the attention index from nScreenMedia’s interview with the CEO of Wicket Labs, Marty Roberts, at IBC 2019.


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