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nScreenNoise – Chromecast upgrade about way more than SMP market share

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The rumored Chromecast upgrade is way overdue, but it is about more than just winning market share from Roku. It could help tip the scales of a $70B market in Google’s favor.

Chapter 1: Google is upgrading Chromecast Ultra (0:28)

9To5Google is reporting that Google has an upgrade to the Chromecast Ultra in the works. The new device will have all the features of the previous dongle but adds two critical features it has never had before.

Chapter 2: Chromecast way behind in SMP market (1:44)

An upgrade to Chromecast is long overdue. According to TiVo, the streaming media player is lagging far behind competitors Roku and Amazon Fire TV. What’s more, it is barely ahead of Apple TV, which costs 5-times as much.

Chapter 3: Massive shift in TV ad dollars coming (2:37)

Last week in nScreenNoise, I discussed a forecast showing a massive shift away from traditional TV over the next five years. If the migration of viewers happens, and signs are it will, it will be much more difficult for an advertiser to reach consumers.

Chapter 4: Chromecast upgrade helps Google win TV ad revenue (3:25)

Improving the performance of Chromecast in the streaming media player market helps Google in two ways:

  1. It boosts ad revenue share from Internet TV providers on Android TV
  2. It increases the amount of time spent viewing YouTube videos on the television screen.

Already, a quarter of YouTube viewing is on a television screen.[1] Shifting viewing from smartphones to televisions brings with it a 4-times multiple in video viewing. If a second-generation Chromecast can move more viewing from smartphones to TVs, Google could win a much larger share of migrating TV ad revenue.

[1] 1B hours of YouTube videos are watched each day. 250M hours a day are watched on a TV.


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