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nScreenNoise – the triple-tier business model of CBC Gem

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Canadian public broadcaster CBC is already using 2 video business models. With the release of the DTC service CBC Gem, it has added a third.

Chapter 1: About CBC Gem (0:33)

This interview with Roma Kojima, Senior Director of OTT Video at CBC, was recorded at Connected TV World Summit in London. Ms. Kojima is responsible for CBC’s new direct-to-consumer offering CBC Gem.

Chapter 2: Hybrid funding model (1:22)

Ms. Kojima explains the public/private funding model that is used by CBC.

Chapter 3: Gem’s three-layers (1:51)

Gem can be used in three distinct modes by viewers:

  1. Download the app and press play
  2. Register and login
  3. Subscribe to a premium service tier

Ms. Kojima explains how the viewing modes work and how people are encouraged to subscribe.

Chapter 4: Dynamic ad insertion is standard (3:39)

All the ads delivered by Gem can be targeted to the individual viewer. Ms. Kojima describes the system Gem uses and names the key technology partner for the ad insertion.

Chapter 5: Who is watching TV with Gem (4:15)

Ms. Kojima discusses the age profile of the viewers using Gem. She says, with Gem included, CBC can reach 3 in 5 Canadian millennials.

Chapter 6: The importance of Connected TV to Gem users (6:05)

I asked Ms. Kojima if the connected TV is an important platform for Gem. She explains the pivotal role the screen plays for CBC Gem audience.


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