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Cinedigm is finding success with online video services targeting niche markets using Verizon Digital Media Services. In this interview, the two companies reveal how mixing on-demand content with virtual linear channels is helping pull in the subscribers.

Chapter 1: Dove virtual channels (0:45)

Tony Huidor, VP of Product and Operations at Cinedigm, describes how the company takes a set of on-demand videos and programs them into a linear channel. They are extending the technique to program a new Dove kids channel. The channels include advertising and can be programmed weeks in advance.

Chapter 2: Smoothing the discontinuities (2:00)

Jason Friedlander, VP of Marketing Communications at VDMS, describes how the company’s solution puts the linear stream together from the on-demand assets. He makes the point that this approach allows for easy experimentation in format and delivery.  Mr. Huidor says there is no buffering or discontinuities between assets when the channel is playing. He also says that the approach allows Cinedigm to launch a new channel for very little cost.

Chapter 3: Combining live and on-demand (3:00)

Mr. Huidor talks about how the company combines an on-demand asset playout with a live commentary in its ConTV SVOD service. He says that the first time they did this was hard, as they solved all the early problems. Once the approach is up-and-running it takes just 30 mins to run it.

Mr. Huidor makes the point that launching new channels and approaches requires very people to make happen.

Chapter 4: Niche programming works (4:30)

Cinedigm is already seeing good subscriber numbers for Dove Channel and ConTV. The company is also syndicating the services with Amazon Channels, and seeing very good traction through therel. Mr. Friedlander says that Cinedigm is proving the niche approach is a good one. A service doesn’t need millions of subscribers to be profitable.




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