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It used to be the biggest sports market no one had ever heard of, but now its popularity is undeniable. With more people watching the League of Legends World Finals than the World Series, it’s time to bring eSports to linear TV audiences. Ginx TV is doing just that.

Chapter 1: What is Ginx TV? (0:33)

Michiel Bakker, the CEO, and founder of Ginx TV says the linear 24/7 eSports channel reaches 47 million people, primarily in Europe. Ginx’ mission is to bring eSports to those who don’t necessarily play or watch video games regularly. The company plans to do that with a linear TV channel dedicated to eSports.

Chapter 2: Size of eSports Market (1:09)

The size of the market is incredible. There are 200 million active participants and an additional 200 million who watch other players play their games. The 400 million people are mostly made up of millennials and Gen Z.

Chapter 3: eSports tournaments (1:45)

The Dota international tournament packed a stadium with an audience of 60,000 people. Ginx TV puts the tournaments on the channel providing extra explanatory content. The tournaments are broadcast both live and as shortened highlights.

Chapter 4: Reconciling all of the different factions in eSports (3:10)

The electronic game audience is very fragmented, and this poses some specific challenges for Ginx TV. The channel created a show called The Bridge to appeal to all these separate groups.

Chapter 5: Geographic distribution of Ginx TV (4:30)

Ginx is primarily distributed in Europe. The platform started out in Indonesia and now reaches over 47 million people.

Chapter 6: Ginx relationship with game producers (5:45)

The game producers, such as EA, will buy advertising and engage with Ginx TV. They provide an important source of revenue for the channel. However, more important is the symbiotic relationship the game producers have with the players and audiences of these games.

Chapter 7: More growth expected for eSports in the future? (7:45)

Mr. Bakker expects more growth for eSports in the future. Others believe the market will grow too. For example, Ginx TV has received investments from companies such as ITV.


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