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Easel TV helps companies like Curzon Theaters reach their customers through online platforms. In this interview with Bill Scott, COO and Co-Founder of Easel TV, he walks us through how Curzon is innovating business models to achieve success.

Chapter 1: About Easel TV (1:00)

Easel TV is a software company enabling the distribution of video to multiple screens and is the key technology provider to Curzon for this project. The company specializes in creating seamless end-to-end experiences that seek to get the best out of television, and the serendipity of discovery through the power of suggestion.

Chapter 2: About Curzon (1:30)

Curzon owns a chain of art-house movie theaters in the UK. Independent movies are a vibrant business into which the company continues to invest. For example, it has recently renovated theaters in Bloomsbury and Victoria in London and built a new theater Canterbury in Kent.  The company recognized the possibilities of direct digital distribution and decided to bring a virtual theater experience to consumers in their home.

Curzon decided to go one step further with digital distribution than simply providing access to library titles in the home. Curzon owns the complete value chain for some of the films it distributes. For these, the company decided to make them available in the home on the same day they are released in the theaters (so-called day-and-date.)

Chapter 3: Blending theater & OTT models (2:00)

Curzon started out with a standard 48-hour transactional rental model through its online app. It added subscription services to the app later. The two models are blended seamlessly in the app. Sponsorship and advertising can be layered on top those models. An added benefit of membership in the movie theater program is access to some of the content through the video app.

TV Everywhere apps validate a viewer’s rights to view content with the pay TV operator. In the same way, the Curzon Home Theater app figures out what a user can watch by checking their rights with the theater box office management system.

Chapter 4: Interface flexes based on membership status (4:15)

Because the interface is data-driven it can display a movies access rights depending on a user’s membership status. For example, a movie might show a rental price of £3.99 with a call to action to subscribe. A member does not see a price at all. It replaced with the words “a free benefit of membership.”

Chapter 5: Teasing the user to upgrade (5:40)

When someone goes to the movies he or she see trailers for upcoming films. There are also lobby displays and fliers encouraging people to sign up for movie club memberships. Since Easel TV supports the same type of approaches, the Curzon Home Theater app can implement any marketing plan Curzon outs in place.

This ability to treat the app as a store and take different marketing approaches is critical to online video providers. You can learn much more about the approach in the free white paper Minding the Store: Why a merchandising mindset is critical to video app success.


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