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One thing is clear from IBC 2019: sport is making the transition to Internet streaming. In this interview with Amazon’s Simon Frost, he tells us the many ways companies like DAZN, Eurosport, and Formula 1 are using AWS features like low latency streaming, AI, and dynamic ad insertion in their sports streaming businesses.

Chapter 1: Live sports in the cloud (0:30)

Live sports streaming has been booming since the start of the year and was a big theme at IBC 2019 last month. Simon Frost, Head of EMEA Marketing for Amazon Web Services, says it is also a key driver for the company. He outlines how three recent projects from sports-oriented content providers use AWS as a part of the video lifecycle management platform:

  • DAZN – for encoding and packaging
  • Eurosport – for analytics and distribution
  • StreamAMG – for automated caption creation using machine learning.

Chapter 2: Live Latency (1:50)

Low latency streaming was another big theme at IBC 2019. Mr. Frost says AWS’ Elemental Encoding platform is using CMAF low latency to deliver live content with a minimal 3-second delay behind live.

Chapter 3: AI/ML for cost reduction (2:40)

Video providers are using AWS’s artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solution to automate tasks and apply techniques to reduce the costs of media in the cloud. Mr. Frost explains that as video is brought into the cloud, AWS can also extend the metadata using AI/ML. By way of example, he recounts how NASCAR is moving its massive video archive to AWS storage. According to him, the combination of cloud and AI/ML can open many new opportunities in the way content can be used in streaming services.

Chapter 4: AI/ML for experience improvement (4:30)

With intense competition between video providers for the attention of the viewer, experience has never mattered more. Mr. Frost explains how Formula 1 is using AWS to power real-time recognition of critical moments in the race. Using machine learning (ML) tools, the service can predict when one driver is likely to overtake another. He also explains how leagues like the NFL and MLB are using ML to generate enhanced statistics to keep the dedicated fan engaged.

Chapter 5: Targeted DAI to boost engagement (6:10)

France Television is using AWS Elemental to insert targeted ads for live sports streaming events. The broadcaster used the approach in a recent tennis tournament, which it live-streamed to online audiences.


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