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As the car heads towards an autonomous driving future, the cabin is morphing into a premium video experience environment. In this interview with Access Europe CEO Dr. Neale Foster, we discuss the business and technology of premium in-car entertainment today, and what lies ahead in the autonomous future.

Chapter 1: About Access Twine for cars (00:20)

Dr. Foster gives an overview of Twine for cars, Access’ platform for automakers to launch content streaming services to their vehicles. The solution provides a technology stack and premium content library. The technology stack leverages the same Access system products already deployed in over a billion devices.

Chapter 3: Twine business models (2:00)

Delivering entertainment services to a set-top box in the home is a well-known model. Dr. Foster explains why the car is a radically different environment.

Chapter 4: Multi-screen in-car delivery (3:00)

Car streaming services not only delivery to rear-seat screens and but also to personal connected devices. In some cases, the dashboard can become a primary viewing device.

Chapter 5: Premium video car services (4:00)

Content providers already license most of their premium content to television and mobile providers. However, Dr. Foster explains that car delivery is a new opportunity to earn incremental licensing revenue for content owners.

Chapter 6: Availability of car video services (5:10)

Services are available today; people don’t have to wait for 5G networks


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