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The new Android TV Oreo experience has arrived. I sit down with the Head of Android TV to discuss the new release.

Chapter 1: Where OTT and TV are headed (0:30)

Consumers exist between the two worlds of traditional linear TV and online video. Shalini Govil-Pai, Senior Director & Head of Android TV, says that TV OEMs and set-top box providers are working to unite these two worlds on their devices by making them smarter.

Chapter 2: Motivations for changing Android TV experience (1:40)

The Android TV team recently ran a survey of 5000 users across three countries. The survey showed that what people love about cable is that it gives them one place to find everything. They want the same convenience with online service. This simple fact has been a driving force behind the redesign of Android TV.

Chapter 3: Solving complexity with channels (2:58)

Android TV Oreo release brings in the concept of Channels for each of the users favorite SVOD apps. The user can dedicate a row to all the recommended shows from each favorite service. The Watch-Next row is there to make it as easy as possible to pick up from where viewing left off. It supports the consumer desire to binge watch content. Just a simple click on a show in the list takes you directly to the next episode.

Chapter 4: Getting provider support for new features (4:30)

Any successful partnership is a two-way street: each part must receive value. The new Channels and Watch-Next features deliver video service providers a great way to engage and re-engage with their users. It is very easy for providers to integrate with the functionality through a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Android TV.

Chapter 5: Android TV and operators (5:44)

Android TV Oreo has been optimized to help the pay TV operator bring the customer the best of cable TV as well as the best of online TV. The new release can run even on set-top boxes with limited computing and memory capacity. Many operators have older set-top boxes in the field or are looking to save money by providing a more limited set-top box to consumers. The new version of Android TV can run on these more limited devices and should allow operators to save a considerable amount of money.

Chapter 6: Further enhancements (7:04)

Ms. Govil-Pai says the Android TV team is focused on three main things:

  • Enhanced performance and quality of the platform
  • Helping content providers improve engagement and get new subscriptions to their services
  • Enhancements to the experience of Android TV for users.

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