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nScreenNoise – Amazon Video news: Twitch, 4K, originals

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Amazon has had a very busy week with several announcements. The biggest was the $1B purchase of Twitch, the video gamer live streaming aggregation company. The deal surpasses the company’s previous biggest deal, Zappos for $926B, but seems much less aligned with the company as whole.

Amazon is finally delivering on a promise it made earlier this year: it will provide 4K content for Samsung UltraHD TVs starting in the October.

Just as with Netflix, originals are increasingly featured by Amazon Video as a way to lure potential new subscribers. In September a new dark comedy “Transparent” will be released to Amazon Prime Video subscribers. As well, Amazon Studios has ordered up 5 new kids shows.

What does this all mean for Amazon’s video strategy? Watch the video to find out.

This video is interactive. You can click on icons and images to get more information on the topics discussed. This feature is sponsored by Vinja.TV. (Note to Opera browser users: the interactive features do not work well in Opera. I suggested you use IE, Chrome or Firefox to view the video.)

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