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nScreenNoise – Why Amazon launched free-ad-supported IMDb Freedive

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Amazon’s launch of IMDb Freedive continues the trend of device makers integrating free-ad-supported content into their experience. They have good reason because the approach helps them in some important ways.

Chapter 1: Amazon delivers free ad-support video service (0:32)

Amazon announced a new ad-supported free video service called IMDb Freedive. It is available to anyone, without or with a Prime subscription, through PCs and Fire TV devices. Mobile support will come later through the IMDb mobile app.

Chapter 2: Amazon and Roku following the same path (2:11)

Amazon and Roku are borrowing liberally from each other’s playbook. IMDb Freedive copies the very successful approach taken by Roku with The Roku Channel. I detail some of the success metrics the ad-supported service has achieved since its introduction last year.

Roku announced last week it is duplicating Amazon’s Channels approach – selling SVOD services – through The Roku Channel. It is already off to a good start with the approach.

Chapter 3: Why free-ad-support so important (3:39)

Amazon and Roku are not the only device makers leveraging ad-supported free content. Smart TV makers are adding free-ad-supported linear channels from Pluto TV, Wurl, Xumo and others.

The approach helps the device maker to establish its device as the go-to TV platform for owners. I discuss the many benefits of being the default TV device.


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