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nScreenNoise – Multi-CDN management, debugging the ADS, ad deduplication

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In this interview with the Chief Product Officer of Verizon Media Ariff Sidi, he discusses a new more sophisticated approach to multi-CDN management, how to debug the ad decisioning system (ADS), and why it is so hard to eliminate ad duplication in video streams.

Chapter 1: Multi-CDN management (1:00)

Many video services are already using more than one CDN in their everyday business. Some of the reasons they do this include:

  • Improving streaming performance to weak regions
  • Supporting a specific device or format
  • Lowering the cost of streaming.

Optimizing the use of multiple CDNs has been a struggle.

Mr. Sidi describes how Verizon Media’s second release of its multi-CDN manager leverages video streaming performance data gathered from a worldwide network of video clients. It uses the data to give users greater flexibility in setting the criteria by which a CDN is chosen for each streaming session. He also discusses how pricing can be included in the decision-making.

Chapter 2: Debugging the ADS (3:40)

Targeted ad-insertion in linear and live video is one of the biggest challenges in streaming today. There are few if any tools available to help figure out where the problem is when things go wrong. Mr. Sidi explains how Verizon Media has created Ad Debug, a new tool that lets a provider make queries, create filters, and view data to help them understand how their ad decisioning system is performing. He also discusses plans for future versions of the tool.

Chapter 3: Why ad-deduplication is hard (5:45)

From a viewer’s perspective, seeing the same ad multiple times in quick succession is a frustrating and annoying experience. Service providers are acutely away of the problem because it adversely affects engagement times. Fixing the problem is another matter.

Ad avails in a single ad break are filled by different campaign buys, and the same ad is frequently part of multiple campaigns. In other words, it is difficult to tell when the same ad has been inserted multiple times in the same break.

Mr. Sidi explains why Verizon Media is uniquely placed to detect when an ad appears multiple times in the same ad break.


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