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nScreenNoise – Three business-boosting approaches for SVOD ops

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In the free nScreenMedia report Keep My Customer there is lots of survey data that provides insight into the minds of users. Here are three things the data tells us that can help boost an SVOD operator’s business.

#1 Relax, people aren’t gaming your free trial period (0:53)

Many SVOD providers are worried that people are taking unfair advantage of their free trial periods. However, the survey data suggests providers can relax and enjoy the benefits free trials bring.

#2 Offer a discount for extended commitment (2:26)

Getting a customer past the three-month barrier is critical to customer lifetime value. Three months is long enough for a customer to integrate a new service into their television lives. Once they do that, they are liable to stay much longer. Discounts for an extended commitment is a great tool to get a new customer past the three-month barrier.

#3 Get ahead of involuntary cancellations! (3:52)

Many people struggle with managing their credit cards. They go over their credit limits, forget to update services with new card information, make payments late. Moreover, poor credit card management can result in a customer’s involuntary cancellation from a service. The data shows that involuntary cancellations are a massive problem for the industry.

There is a lot more data about the subscription behavior of online video streamers in the free nScreenMedia report, sponsored by Vindicia. Download Keep My Customer – Why consumers subscribe to, stay with, cancel, and come back to online video services today.


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