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This week I focus on the positive, with three feel-good stories involving Adam Sandler, Crackle, and Comcast.

Chapter 1: People just love Adam Sandler (0:20)

In 2014, Netflix inked a four-picture deal with Adam Sandler. After only two movies had been delivered, the company extended the contract to six films. All the while, critics absolutely hated the movies Mr. Sandler produced. However, with the release of the new movie Murder Mystery, Mr. Sandler, and Netflix get the last laugh.

Chapter 2: Crackle finds a new home (2:16)

Sony has been struggling to right the corporate ship for years. It has jettisoned business that didn’t make sense, like the PC business. It has also slashed at others, like the mobile handset product line, to make them profitable and fit the company better. Somehow, though, it just couldn’t walk away from Crackle, even though the free ad-supported TV (FAST) TV service seemed to have no prospect of being profitable.

Sony has found a partner to take on the management of Crackle: Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE.) Led by CSSE’s Bill Rouhana, the newly rebranded Crackle Plus seems to have a more committed home. Hopefully, it can return to lead the rapidly expanding FAST market.

 Chapter 3: Kudos for Comcast (5:00)

Comcast has released a web-based remote for tablets & computers it calls “Eye Guide” that lets people with disabilities navigate the X1 TV service using only eye movements. What’s more Eye Guide is free!

So, kudos to Comcast, and let’s hope streaming media player providers like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV court follow suit.


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