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The new Limelight Networks’ The State of Online Video 2019 report reveals an interesting take on 2019 OTT viewing data. You will learn why binge viewing is epidemic, sports streaming has a problem, and online video is as essential as linear TV.

Chapter 1: Time spent watching TV, OTT almost the same (1:10)

The report reveals the surprising conclusion that there is very little difference between the time spent watching online and via broadcast and pay TV. In eight of the nine countries covered, traditional TV viewing still leads online by a little. However, in Singapore, online viewing leads traditional TV.

Nielsen data shows a very different picture, with the vast amount of viewing still taking place on linear and time-shifted television. I discuss the difference between the Nielsen and Limelight data and why the Limelight data provides a unique view of its own.

Chapter 2: Binge viewing – everybody is doing it!!! (2:20)

Binge viewing is rampant across all nine countries covered in the report. Though the most prolific bingers are young people, the majority of older viewers also watch two or more episodes of show back-to-back regularly. A substantial proportion of the audience regularly watches for 3 hours or more at a sitting.

Chapter 3: Live latency matters to viewers (3:50)

There has been much focus on live latency by technology providers. Vendors announced new products and approaches at NAB and IBC in 2019. It’s good the issue is receiving so much attention as viewers are very aware of the problem. Nobody wants to hear about a score through social media before they see the play in the live game stream.

Most viewers say they would be more likely to watch live-streamed sports if there was not a significant delay behind the live TV feed.

There is lots more information in the Limelight free report, including the most popular screen used, most used connected TV device, and ad preferences. Also, if you find this analysis valuable, why not sign up for our free newsletter? You’ll be glad you did.


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