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nScreen nSights – TV Metadata in Transition How the foundation of TV services is enabling a revolution in the business

The need to connect people with the shows and movies they want to watch is driving the frontiers of technology innovation in media discovery. It is a subject of critical importance to the video industry as the fate of billions of dollars in revenue is at stake.

TV Metadata underpins all of the advances in content discovery. Though the core of TV metadata has remained essentially unchanged for decades fundamental shifts in the gathering, storage and distribution of metadata are underway. These changes are making possible features such as advanced recommendation algorithms, contextual discovery, and semantic search.

This report explains:
– How TV metadata got its start with TV Guide Magazine
– How it evolved into the very definition of what we now call “big data”
– Why metadata must change to meet the needs of the 21st century media industry
– How metadata is in transition from a static database to a dynamic, distributed repository
– Why the inclusion of the ever-changing perception of media is essential.

Challenges lay ahead as limitations of the metadata are holding back advances in search and discovery. These challenges include a lack of a common content ID system, keeping the data current, coping with content that changes in real-time, and what role social media should play.

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