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Net2TV and Opera help build scale in connected TVs

Getting scale in the fragmented world of connected TV is one of the biggest challenges for anyone with content. Net2TV and Opera want to help.

Opera and Net2TV announced today that they are working together to bring new name-brand video content to the Opera TV store. Under the agreement, Net2TV’s Portico TV will be available free via the Opera TV store on 430 models of TVs and streaming devices from companies such as Sony, Samsung, Hisense, RCA and TiVo. Portico provides free, advertising-support videos from household brands such as Sports Illustrated, Popular Science and Better Homes and Gardens.

Previously, the best way to get content on devices supporting the Opera TV store was to work directly with the company to create an app. This app can be generated in one of two ways. Opera has a technology it calls Snap which can take a list of on-demand videos and automatically generate an app for inclusion in the TV store. Opera also provides an app development environment which the provider can use to build its own app.  Opera has apps from companies such as Vimeo, and Red Bull which were created with the SDK, and Snap apps from companies including Epic TV and Arrival TV.

Opera Snap apps

Opera Snap apps provide a clean but generic look

From the point of view of the content provider, there are some distinct disadvantages with the Opera app approaches. While Snap automation is a fast, easy route to delivering content on TV the apps it generates all have a very similar, generic look-and-feel. Of course, building a custom app requires the provider to write code, test, certify and maintain apps; a heavy burden for any video provider. As well, the content provided needs to have a strong standalone brand appeal to catch the eye of a user and get her to install the app from the store.

With the addition of Net2TV’s Portico TV to the Opera TV store, content providers no longer need to worry about an app. They can work with Net2TV to create something much more familiar; a branded channel. And the channel will be side-by-side with brands such as Cooking Light and Time, which will help prompt a connected TV owner to install the Portico app.

Net2TV Portico provides familiar channels paradigm

Net2TV Portico provides familiar channels paradigm

In addition, Portico can help the content provider assemble short video clips into full-fledged television shows with advertising to populate their branded channel. This is done simply by dragging and dropping clips into the order the content providers wants them to play. Ads can be inserted anywhere in the playlist. Net2TV makes sure playback is completely seamless. And all of this happens without a single line of app code being written.

Portico TV also provides distribution outside of the Opera TV store. It is already available on 47 million connected TV screens, and via billions of mobile devices outside of the Opera TV store.

Net2TV can also help a content provider to own its own custom content application. The company can help them create a completely custom app based on the framework used to build Portico TV. According to Tom Morgan, CEO of Net2TV, once a provider has all its video and graphics together it takes just 72 hours to create the app. And, once again, no coding is required.

Portico TV is available immediately in the Opera TV store.

Why it matters

Fragmentation between app platforms in the connected TV market makes it very difficult for content providers to build scale.

A provider would have to build a huge number of apps to cover all the possible platforms.

The agreement between Net2TV and Opera helps a content provider get instant scale without having to write a line of app code.


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