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According to new data from comScore, the mobile-first audience is growing and consuming a great deal of video. However, competition for their attention is fierce, and not limited to just video providers.

Chapter 1: Mobile-only users a large segment of the audience (0:40)

New data from comScore taken from 13 countries across four continents shows mobile continues to drive video usage. The company says that 46% of consumers use a PC and smartphone or tablet. However, 30% rely exclusively on mobile.

Chapter 2: Mobile-first use up everywhere (2:10)

Mobile-first consumers grew most strongly in developing regions like Mexico and India (up 9% over 2017. European countries also grew strongly, including Italy which increased 5.2%. The mobile-first audience in the U.S. and Canada grew just under 5% in 2017.

App usage dominates mobile consumption. Four categories account for more than two-thirds of time spent with the apps on mobile: entertainment, social media, messaging, and games. Entertainment is the leading category in North America; Social Media leads everywhere else. However, usage of both app types is very close in most regions.

In the U.S., 30% of the time goes to entertainment, 27% to social media, 13% to games, and 6% to messaging. Entertainment is the fastest growing category.

Chapter 3: Video is driving usage (4:10)

Total mobile minutes at the top 100 video sites grew 41% in 2017, far higher than to any other screen.

If your business is video, the smartphone is a very important screen for your service. It is also the competitive environments for the attention of the viewer. Your service must contend not only with other video services, but also with social media, messaging, and games. What’s more social media and messaging is constantly interrupting the video playback experience.



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