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Measuring social video like traditional television

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Tubular Labs recently announced it was using new metrics to measure social video. With many issues plaguing the appraisal of social video in the past, will we see more standardized data as we have come to expect from traditional television in the past?

Challenges measuring social video (0:52)

Although there appears to be a universal system for measuring how popular a video is, it is actually more complicated than that. For instance, a ‘view’ can mean different things depending upon who you ask. As well, duplicates of the same video make measuring its performance even more difficult. The challenges to create standardized, accurate measurements have been chronicled by the co-founder and CEO of Tubular Labs, Rob Gabel.

Tubular’s solution (2:54)

Rather than focus on the problematic metric of a ‘view’, Tubular has chosen to focus on ‘time spent viewing.’ This measurement approach counts the number of minutes a person spends watching a video. The company also de-duplicates video views eliminating the problem caused by multiple copies of the same video.

The Global Video Measurement Alliance was formed to bring TV linear standards to online video measurement.

Comparison to TV Analytics (5:50)

Through companies like Nielsen, we have come to accept a standardized method for measuring television viewing. Tubular Labs hopes to bring the same level of standardization to the world of social and online video by establishing the mechanisms by which it is measured. Though it still has a ways to go, we believe that these new metrics will give us more and better information than ever before.


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