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Fixing the live TV online latency and synchronization problem

ABC Oscars Backstage app

Watching live sports online can be a great experience, except when somebody watching the game on TV or a different device sees the goal way before you do. This problem of synchronizing live streams is holding the industry back from many new innovative multiscreen features. Net Insight says its True Live solution fixes the problem.

Anyone using the Oscars companion app in conjunction with the live TV feed can say how enjoyable it is to have views of the celebs in the audience, and see the award winners as they appear back stage. The app users can also say how frustrating it is that all these views are delayed behind the TV broadcast and not synchronized. In nScreenMedia’s use of the Oscars app streams were as much as 2 minutes behind live TV.

In this interview with Per Lindgren, head of strategy and business development for Net Insight, he discusses a new software-based product that addresses this problem. The True Live solution takes a two-pronged approach: it reduces the delay (also called latency) between live TV and online streams, and it ensures that all the feeds of the live stream are synchronized.

The company’s True Live solution takes a client server approach to fixing the problem. The solution ingests the live streams and uses multicast functionality to distribute them to the edge of the cloud or core network to “egress” servers. The egress servers talk directly with client devices, which have a small piece of Net Insight software integrated with the player. In this way, True Live is able to guarantee all the streams are perfectly synchronized.

This solution should fix the Oscar app synchronization problem described above. It also makes it possible, for example, to distribute multiple camera angles of a sports event directly to tablets and smartphones ensuring they are all synchronized with each other and the live television feed.

Chapter 1: About Net Insight (1:00)

Chapter 2: The live TV online synchronization problem (2:40)

Chapter 3: Getting all the screens in-sync (4:10)

Chapter 4: How True Live works (5:30)

Chapter 5: Applications for True Live (7:00)

Chapter 6: When will True Live be available? (8:00)


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  2. That could be very cool!
    Trying to watch the Rugby World Cup over OTT, I had to turn my phone off because I kept getting messages from friends seeing the action on broadcast TV before I got to see it. Made it a very lonely experience.

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