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Finders-Keepers: Scenarios in the open market for TV entertainment

The emerging market for TV entertainment online is unlike anything we have seen before. Gone are the constraints imposed by the days of restricted bandwidth and entrenched content gatekeepers. Anyone with a video catalog and a target market can launch a service.

However, launching a video service is just the beginning. The rules by which online providers must play are radically different than in traditional media. Moreover, those rules are still very much in flux. That said, the online economy for TV entertainment has existed long enough for some rules and trends to become clear. Many of them converge on a single theme: how to find subscribers, and how to keep them.

This paper presents five key scenarios which came up repeatedly during nScreenMedia interviews with TV/video industry executives:

  • Being found
  • Simplifying authentication
  • Turning binge-and-bolt into anchor tenancy
  • Increasing the funnel
  • Coping with multiple distribution partners

A section of the paper is dedicated to explaining the challenges implicit in each topic, and why these challenges matter to any online video service provider. Leveraging the deep insights of the industry executives we spoke with, we present possible approaches to each challenge.

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