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In this interview with Facebook’s Matthew Corbin, we discuss how video is reshaping Facebook. In particular, we discuss how Live is turning the platform into network of broadcasters.

Chapter 1: Facebook and Video (0:43)

Matthew Corbin, Global Product Marketing at Facebook, reviews how well the company is doing in delivering video to its users. He says Facebook delivers 8B daily video views, and that users are mostly using their mobiles to view it.

Chapter 2: Facebook Live (1:30)

Facebook Live launched 4 months ago, and is helping drive an explosion in video usage at the site. Mr. Corbin says it is reviving appointment viewing, as people come to Facebook to catch their friends broadcasting live.

He says that people are watching multiple video sources at once, allowing them to consume 7 hours of content in 5 hours.

Chapter 3: Facebook’s role in video discovery (2:45)

Facebook Live is bringing back appointment viewing, only this time it is mostly through mobile platforms. Facebook also has a unique role in discovery. Since the company has detailed information on its user’s preferences it can recommend relevant videos to them. For the first, Mr. Corbin says, content providers and advertisers can target real people.

Chapter 4: The world’s largest discovery engine (4:04)

“Because of all the signals we have the relevancy we can bring both in advertising and in media is incredibly powerful”.

Chapter 5: Is Facebook becoming a broadcaster (5:02)

Some content providers are worried that Facebook is becoming a broadcaster, and competing with them for a viewer’s attention. Mr. Corbin says this isn’t the case. Rather, the site is collaborating with many different types of content creators and providing them with a platform for distribution. In other words, Facebook isn’t a broadcaster, it is a network of broadcasters.

Chapter 6: Facebook suggested videos (5:50)

Facebook has created a new view called Suggested Video which allows a user to see all the videos that might be relevant to them. The most relevant Live feeds as well as on-demand content is included in this view.


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