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Driving D2C scale and efficiency

What features does a D2C video platform need to make an SVOD video service successful? In this live webinar, Pure Flix’s EVP tells us what his D2C service needed to accelerate growth, and his vendors tell us how he got it.

Chapter 1: About Pure Flix (1:51)

Marc Beckwitt, who is Executive Vice President of Business Development for Pure Flix, gives an overview of Pure Flix. He also describes the motivations for upgrading the SVOD video platform, including:

  • Whether to build or buy
  • Unifying the experience
  • Amplifying the value of the data
  • Scaling up.

Chapter 2: Intro to Wicket Labs (8:35)

Delivered by Marty Roberts, CEO & Co-Founder, Wicket Labs.

Chapter 3: Intro to 24i media (10:45)

Delivered by Martijn van Horssen, CEO, 24i.

Chapter 4: Intro to Comcast Technology Solutions (12:30)

Delivered by Evan Vernon, Director of Product Management, Comcast Technology Solutions.

Chapter 5: Unifying the experience (14:10)

Mr. Beckwitt discusses why a unified experience across devices is so essential to Pure Flix. He also reveals specific viewing data about the service. Mr. Van Horssen explains the challenges in delivering a unified experience as part of a D2C video platform and how 24i helped Pure Flix overcome them.

Chapter 6: Do more with data (25:00)

Mr. Beckwitt explains how the company uses data in all aspects of its business. He also reveals some of the challenges he had before moving to the new video platform. Mr. Roberts explains the problems SVOD services have in pulling together all the data available to them. He also explains the customer happiness index and attention index and how to apply them in the real world.

Chapter 7: Scaling the video platform (37:00)

Mr. Beckwitt explains why it so important not to pay for Ferrari-like performance when your service only needs a sedan. However, it is vital to be able to achieve Ferrari-performance as the service grows. Mr. Vernon describes the challenges in scaling correctly in an affordable manner. He explains how Comcast TS solved these problems for Pure Flix and provides it lots of flexibility in scale and monetization models as it grows into the future.


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