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Consumers on the Edge: The Opportunity for Premium Home Wi-Fi Solutions

The home network is undergoing a transformation from a means to connect devices to the Internet to a critical service delivery platform. It is a profound shift that the gathering pace of Internet of Things applications and the migration of media delivery to streaming is accelerating.

Bearing the brunt of this transformation is the home Wi Fi wireless access point. Consumers expect reliability and performance throughout their home. Service providers need a solid platform upon which they can deliver their products. Both groups need home Wi-Fi to perform with the reliability and consistency of any other home utility service. It is not making the grade.

This paper looks at the two problems preventing home Wi Fi from achieving utility-level reliability:

  1. Equipment is struggling to cope with household-wide access in the hostile wireless home environment.
  2. Consumers are asked to install and manage the home network even though they lack the knowledge and desire to do so.

The paper looks at the extent of these problems and possible solutions to them. It also discusses how operators have a unique opportunity to be a critical part of the solution. They can deliver premium Wi-Fi solutions which make consumers happy and make the operator money in the process.

If you are an IoT product or media service provider, broadband operator, or interested consumer, you need to understand the state of home of Wi-Fi. Download this free white paper today.

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