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Behind My Thinking – Erratic connected TV viewing and Quibi excuse

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Extreme Reach data shows that connected TV usage was erratic January through April of this year. Why is the behavior important, and will it continue? Quibi executives say Covid-19 is to blame for the poor launch performance of the mobile video service. Why isn’t the claim credible and what is really to blame?

Chapter 1: Erratic connected TV usage data (0:40)

Will wrote a piece discussing new Extreme Reach data showing that connected TV’s share of ad viewers behaved erratically January through April of this year. I asked him why the data seemed particularly interesting to him. He also gives some explanation as to why viewing showed such large fluctuations and what he thought would happen going forward.

Chapter 2: Quibi C-19 excuse for poor launch (9:40)

Jeff Katzenberg, Quibi founder, admitted that the service had not performed well in its first month of availability. He went on to blame coronavirus for the problems. I discuss why I was immediately suspicious of the claim and how I went about testing the theory. Ultimately, my analysis showed that C-19 was unlikely to be the reason Quibi underperformed. Will asked me if I thought there was a mobile market for Quibi’s premium video and what the company had to do to right the ship.


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