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Cisco to acquire 1mainstream to accelerate cloud TV service deployment


Cisco announced its intention to acquire 1mainstream, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in the creation of OTT TV apps. Why would the networking giant want to acquire a tiny startup like 1mainstream? The answer is in the cloud.

1mainstream is perhaps best known as the company responsible for half the apps running on the current version of Apple TV. Apple gave 1mainstream early access to the device’s development kit, making it one of the few resources content providers could turn to for help in creating an app for the device. This went a long way to establishing the tiny 22 person company as a major player in the TV app development space. That said, the company is far more than just an Apple TV development house.

Today 1mainstream can deliver apps on many of the most popular connected devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, major game consoles,  smart TVs, and, of course, Apple TV.

The inspiration for 1mainstream came from Rajiv Raman, the company’s CEO and Founder. During his time at Roku he saw how hard it was for companies to create and deliver video apps for the many devices they needed to support in order to reach the audience. Mr. Raman formed 1mainstream in 2012 to address this problem.

The company developed a template approach for the creation of apps. A video provider selects an app template from several developed by 1mainstream, customizes it through a web portal, and simply selects the devices it wants to deliver on. 1mainstream takes care of the rest. However, the company goes beyond just creating the apps. It also takes care of the management and delivery of the videos, making it a truly turnkey solution for the delivery of OTT video services.

According to Conrad Clemson, GM of SP video at Cisco, this approach is very closely aligned with Cisco’s Infinite video cloud solution for operators. Cisco can provide operators the backend support required to get their traditional video services running in an IP environment leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. 1mainstream brings a cloud video platform designed to deliver OTT video services to a wide range of connected devices.

The 1mainstream team will join Cisco’s SP Video unit and Mr. Raman will become Director of Cloud Engineering, managing the Infinite Video and 1mainstream platforms.

This combination of 1mainstream and Cisco’s Infinite video solution could be very helpful to pay TV operators. Unifying the infrastructure for the delivery of video services in the cloud is a major strategic initiative for many, but delivering cloud TV apps and services based on this architecture across many devices remains a challenge. 1mainstream functionality provides an interesting option to help solve that problem.

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Why it matters

Service providers can turn to large vendors to help them transition their business to the cloud.

Delivering cloud TV services across the many connected devices remains a challenge.

Turnkey OTT video platforms employing a template approach to app development can be a useful tool in fixing this problem.


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