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Access usage and frequency of TV voice search

Messy TV voice search headed for growth

The number of TV devices supporting voice search has increased dramatically over the last year. So much so that many consumers could be confused about which remote to use. That said, TV voice search looks headed for continued strong growth. Searching for video by voice a common feature Voice search […]

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Future of TV banner

TV programmers must be in skinny bundles

The number of companies with skinny bundles in market, or that plan to launch one, swelled to 8 on Friday. Though it is not clear if these services will be successful, TV programmers still need to work with them. vMVPDs are multiplying Verizon appears poised to enter the world of the […]

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Mobile VR and AR traffic through 2021

Live streaming 5% of mobile video load in 2021

Cisco says that mobile data will be increasingly be dominated by mobile video through 2021, with live streaming growing to 5% of the video load. Will virtual and augmented reality be significant part of the load too? Video drives mobile data Cisco’s latest VNI forecast says that globally mobile data […]

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Most popular TV genres in the US 2015

Netflix step into reality TV a good fit

Netflix announced two new reality TV shows to add to its ever-expanding genre coverage. This will give Netflix a revenue boost and help it to reduce costs. . Netflix dives into reality This week Netflix announced it will add two new reality TV shows to its expanding stable of originals. The first […]

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Happy Holidays from nScreenMedia

I want to thank you all for spending time with nScreenMedia over the past year, and look forward to continuing to bring you informed opinion and analysis on the transition to multiscreen delivery in 2017. We at nScreenMedia will be taking a break over the holidays. We’ll resume publication January 3rd. […]

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