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Millennial OTT engagement highest with TV connected devices

Nielsen’s new Comparable Metrics report allows us to compare video usage between devices. No surprise that millennials are leading the move away from traditional TV, though they certainly aren’t abandoning the television set. According to Nielsen, television and PC video usage have both declined over the last year. In adults […]

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Time for connected TV to shine

According to the latest BBC iPlayer data, it is finally time for the connected television to begin driving meaningful viewership. Unless your device of preference is the game console, which seems to be falling out of favor with online TV viewers. BBC iPlayer entered is usual summer slump, with usage […]

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Viewing device preference Adobe v Freewheel

Adobe says TV Everywhere growth strong, but is it?

Adobe says that TV Everywhere growth continued to show solid growth in Q2 2015. However, a closer look at the numbers say otherwise. In the Q2 2015 Adobe Digital Video Report (PDF download) the company focused on the positive, saying year-over-year growth in the number of pay TV subscribers using TV […]

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