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CandW podcast – Change in TV business accelerates

The changes in the television business seem to be accelerating. Will and I discuss why 6 stories from this weeks news illustrate the trend. Chapter 1: Traditional TV viewing falls again* (2:40) Chapter 2: Hulu Showtime distribution deal ( 6:00) Chapter 3: Netflix ratings same as ABC, NBC^ (8:30) Chapter […]

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NAB show Vegas banner

IP video infrastructure puts multiscreen to the fore at NAB 2015

IP video infrastructure is taking over the broadcast TV industry, and NAB 2015 is showcasing the technology that will change television forever. Before the show floor has opened at NAB 2015, it is clear that this year’s event will be a watershed for the 76 year old broadcast industry. Gone is […]

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iPlayer quarterly monthly average

Growth in BBC iPlayer TV requests slow: is it reaching a limit?

BBC iPlayer TV continues to grow as Q4 2014 monthly average usage gained 25% year-over-year. The devices used to access television programs are divided fairly evenly between the smartphone, tablet and PC. However, it is mobility that is in the driver’s seat. In the last quarter of 2014 UK viewers […]

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