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Netflix annual paid subscriber growth

Netflix subscribers in the zeitgeist!

Netflix’ strong 2018 results show the money the company is pouring into content is paying off. To illustrate how the strategy is working, executives trumpeted the company’s star-making power. They also suggested those without Netflix are outside the zeitgeist! 2018 was another banner year for Netflix The number of Netflix […]

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netflix streamers growth 2014-2018

Netflix – humble or arrogant about competition?

Netflix Q3 2018 results show the company isn’t encountering any meaningful competition at all. The company doesn’t see it that way. At one moment it says it is losing to competitors most of the time and at another, it sees no foreseeable competition. Netflix facing little competition today Looking at […]

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Netflix subscribers 2015-2018

‘Bad’ quarter sees Netflix add 5 million subs

Netflix missed its estimated subscriber gain for Q2 by 1 million, but still managed to gain 5 million. With regional competition increasing, the company is boosting local content production to maintain International growth. In the US, the focus is on retaining the 57 million subscribers it has. Bad quarter still […]

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