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nScreenNoise – Industry says cord cutting overblown, while TV pillars erode

A cabal of TV industry insiders gathered at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen and agreed that all the talk about cord cutting is overblown. While this may be true, new data illustrates how the pillars upon which the traditional TV industry stands are being eroded. Hub Entertainment Research looked […]

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VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

CandW discuss what Q2 Netflix results say about the state of OTT video

Q2 2015 Netflix results were the jumping off point for a far ranging discussion on the state of our industry this week. Will thought that Netflix results were particularly notable in the US, where the company gained 900,000 subs, well above performance in previous second quarters. I liked the International growth numbers, […]

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Netflix 2015 subscriber growth

Content investment delivers 5% sub growth in Q2 2015 for Netflix

Q2 2015 was yet another strong quarter for Netflix. The company outperformed market expectations picking up 3.3 million new subscribers to reach 65.6 million in total, 5.3% quarter-over-quarter growth. How will the company keep the growth coming? Expansion and content investment are the keys. Netflix continues to grow strongly both […]

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