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MPAA says self-policing internet no longer working

The MPAA wants the federal government’s help with content piracy. It wants internet platforms held accountable for promoting pirated content; the WHOIS registry maintained to track down illegal site owners, and a cross-government effort to bring pirates to justice. MPAA asks NTIA for help Last week the Motion Picture Association […]

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road ahead

Why zero rating is nothing like Amazon free shipping

Verizon’s Craig Silliman says the company supports net neutrality, but carved out an exception for zero-rating. He said it was like Amazon free shipping. Is it? Speaking on The Communicators on C-SPAN, Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman said his company supports the principles of network neutrality. However, when asked about […]

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FCC commissioners 2015

The threat to the “golden era” of video

FCC chairman Wheeler says we are in a golden era for the delivery of video services. He also says it is under threat from pay-TV providers “playing both ends against the consumer.” What does that mean and why does it matter? Speaking at the INCOMPAS Policy Summit on Monday FCC […]

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