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Expectations of an SVOD “bloodbath” overblown

As competition mounts in the online TV market, expectations of a bloody battle for dominance are rising. However, such hyperbolic language does not reflect the realities of the market. Yes, some services will rise, and some will fall, but multiple participants will remain. The impending release of Disney+, HBO Max, […]

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The future of TV? Ad innovation, M&A

At the Future of Television show in New York this week, Al Lieberman, Executive Director Entertainment, Media, and Technology Program at NYU Stern, opened the event with a short speech. He left the audience with a brief prescient thought: “Change and risk define where we are in the industry.” With […]

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US TV homes, devices, and services: 2019

Television homes hit a record 120.6 million for the new TV season. Here are penetrations of the devices and services that consumers are using with them. The number of TV homes increases by 0.6% Nielsen says the number of homes with television for the 2019-2020 season increased 0.6% over 2018-2019. […]

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