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Comcast voice video broadband customers 2016-2019

Comcast’s new triple-play broadband bundle

As cable TV and voice services continue their long-term decline, Comcast has formed a new triple-play bundle anchored by broadband. Will it be as successful as the traditional triple-play bundle? Broadband one bright spot in cable services Video customers continue to decline at Comcast. They fell another 238,000 in Q3 […]

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Global SVOD sub growth 2018-2024

Measuring OTT video’s success

This week Akamai says it crossed the 100 Tbps threshold for peak network traffic, 100 times the 2012 peak. Video is the engine that continues to push bandwidth demands ever higher. Here’s how live sports, SVOD, and AVOD have been driving the growth. Growth in video traffic Akamai announced that […]

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