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Linear TV streaming

Preference for linear TV v on-demand

Big shift in viewer preference from linear TV to on-demand

Anyone uncertain about consumer move away from linear television need look no further than Ericsson’s latest TV and Media Report. Linear TV services get a net promoter score of 10, versus on-demand services which score 36. In its 2015 ConsumerLab TV and Media Report, Ericsson examined consumer satisfaction with traditional […]

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CandW discuss implications of ESPN waiting to go OTT direct

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, said that ESPN would go direct to consumer online eventually, but are there penalties for not being there now? Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Mr. Iger said that ESPN was being watched by 83% of pay TV customers. However, he thought that the channel’s destiny was […]

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nScreenNoise – Industry says cord cutting overblown, while TV pillars erode

A cabal of TV industry insiders gathered at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen and agreed that all the talk about cord cutting is overblown. While this may be true, new data illustrates how the pillars upon which the traditional TV industry stands are being eroded. Hub Entertainment Research looked […]

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