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nScreenNoise – TV 2020 in the networked society

The acceleration toward the networked society is beginning to reshape television. At NAB 2015, a supersession panel comprising executives from Liberty Global, CBS Interactive, Net2TV and Ericsson looked at how the road to TV 2020 might unfold. In this interview with Simon Frost, Head of Communications Marketing for Ericsson, we […]

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Sling TV from Dish

Sling TV an opportunity for telco operators?

The allure of television services has mostly been a bust for many telco operators. Early in the century, the industry convinced itself that it could create a better platform for television than cable and satellite. Leveraging the inherent two-way capabilities of an IP network, the industry reasoned it could just […]

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VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

CandW discuss digital media 2015

Digital media 2015 looks to be a different animal than in 2014. What will be the important themes? Will and I discuss our picks for the important market movements we expect to see in the coming months. Topics covered include: operators move to embrace the cloud, linear ratings continued decline, […]

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