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Audio Podcast: Should Pay-TV put Netflix on STBs?

The news this week that Netflix is in negotiations with pay-TV operators Comcast and Suddenlink to put the client on operator STBs generated lots of press. In this weeks episode, Will and I discuss the news and debate the pluses and minuses of operators working with Netflix. Will believes operators […]

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nScreen Noise: Data shows pay-TV model is under siege

There was lots of new data released this week. Ericsson’s multi-country study was particularly interesting, and a little unsettling for pay-TV operators. The Diffusion Group also shed light on the elusive Late Millennial generation that could also bode ill for pay-TV. Operators, however, are not standing idly by. Comcast is […]

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Disney & TWC double down with live online: which will be successful?

Yesterday, I discussed BBC iPlayer usage data for July that showed live linear feeds of the corporations channels just weren’t being used that much by viewers. This news clearly is not deterring US operators and content providers such as Time Warner Cable and Disney. They continue to rush headlong into live […]

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iPlayer shows seasonality impacts OTT TV, sports drive live online

There is much to be learned about the business of OTT video delivery in the BBC’s July 2013 iPlayer performance pack. For instance, online video consumption is not immune to the seasonality we see in TV watching, and on-demand access outpaces OTT live TV almost 6 to 1. And for TV, […]

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