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iPlayer video growth slows as consumer return to appointment TV

The latest BBC iPlayer performance pack for July 2014 shows a scant 0.6% year-over-year growth in TV requests. Could this be fueled by a resurgence in watching shows in their original broadcast schedule? Yes, says UK research agency Carat. The World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Germany was the second […]

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nScreenMedia Video Podcast

nScreenNoise – Live online sports, Xbox streams TV

Freewheel’s Q2 Video Monetization Report chronicles the rise in live online sports, and how it is helping TV Everywhere pick up steam. The company also compares ad views by device in the US and UK. I compare the UK numbers with BBC iPlayer data and explain why there is a difference. Microsoft wants […]

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VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

C&W discuss – TV Everywhere and device data from Freewheel

This week, Freewheel published the Q2 Video Monetization Report. Will kicks off the discussion with a review of some of the live sports online data, which shows impressive growth as an ad delivery vehicle. He also delves into TV Everywhere data, which again shows impressive growth. To temper the enthusiasm […]

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BBC iPlayer daily video requests

Live sports online capture the mobile consumer

In the BBC’s June 2014 iPlayer performance pack, we can see clear evidence of the influence of live sports online in driving video requests. Sports could also be influencing which devices the British public are using to watch. The BBC’s June data demonstrates how important live sports are online. Two […]

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